How it started

During lockdown, like many people, we started rocking the activewear. But when lockdowns lifted and we went back to gym, we found there weren’t many affordable options for women to enjoy that were comfortable yet stylish and colourful and on-trend. 

That’s when Sunfox Active was born.

Our founder, Fiona is a mother of three and lover of training, health and wellness. She had enough of searching online for reasonably priced, good quality clothes; so decided to start her own label to fill the void.

“It was about feeling empowered, encouraging women to put themselves first, to have courage & to love the life they are creating,” Fi says. “I used to put myself last, always thinking about everyone else’s needs. I used to save every penny I could, feeling guilty about not having an income and contributing to my marriage because I was at home looking after the kids. My self-esteem plummeted, having gained a lot of weight after having children.

“Sunfox is one of the scariest decisions I’ve ever made, but I can honestly say I have never looked back and could not be happier! It was after this that I realised everything I had been doing, thinking & allowing to happen had taken a toll on everyone, especially me. I learnt the hard way, I should always put myself first, a happy mum means happy children and that is a happy family. This is now my mantra to share with you.”

How it’s going

Since 2020, we’ve worked with thousands of health-seeking women to find passion and joy in their activewear. We only want you to own activewear that sparks joy, fits your budget and helps you embrace your strength. 

Created on Brisbane’s beautiful Bayside, Sunfox is a journey, a state of mind and a lifestyle. 

We want you to feel the best you’ve felt, strong and confident while being comfortable and yourself in everyday life. 

Nothing puts a bigger smile on our faces than seeing the incredible local women (& mums) wearing Sunfox Active.  We love to see them doing what they do in comfortable, on trend and affordable activewear.