About Us

Welcome to Sunfox!

My name is Fi, I’m a single mother to 3 beautiful children & founder of Sunfox.  I believe that women, in particular mums, should feel confident, strong & a little bit ‘foxy’ on the daily.  That is why I created Sunfox.  A joyously colourful, ridiculously comfortable & functional activewear range, that is accessible (aka no hefty price tags!).

Think of Sunfox as your new uniform…  Permission to look after you, bring out your inner ‘fox’ & give you the strength to power through your day – whatever it may involve.

Last April (2020), like so many others around the world, I lost my job as a dental nurse due to the effects of COVID-19.  I spent the lockdown at home with my children on the beautiful Bayside and when the kids finally went back to school, I decided it was time to do something for me & started going to the local gym.

I’m sure many of you can relate to this, but my gym clothes (if you could call them that!) were old & definitely didn’t make me feel ‘foxy’ or motivated to work out, so it was time for an upgrade!  I searched and searched for colour, fun & comfort…  However, trying to find quality, on trend pieces that made me feel good AND were something that I could afford proved to be mission impossible…. Eventually I settled for an online purchase, but the quality just wasn’t there.  And that is when the Sunfox idea was born.

My Journey

But for me Sunfox represented so much more than pretty activewear.  It was about feeling empowered, encouraging women to put themselves first, to have courage & to love the life they are creating.  I used to put myself last, always thinking about everyone else’s needs. I used to save every penny I could, feeling guilty about not having an income & contributing to my marriage because I was at home looking after the kids. My self-esteem plummeted, having gained a lot of weight after having children.  I tried to survive a toxic marriage for the sake of my children, but in the end, it all wore me down until I finally mustered up the courage to leave….  With nothing but a bed & 3 young children.

One of the scariest decisions I’ve ever made, but I can honestly say I have never looked back and could not be happier!  It was after this that I realised everything I had been doing, thinking & allowing to happen had taken a toll on everyone, especially me.  I learnt the hard way, I should always put myself first, as a “happy mum = happy kids = happy family” and this is now my mantra to share with you.

Created on Brisbane’s beautiful Bayside, Sunfox was an EPIC learning journey, with a lot of trial and error.  I eventually found the right manufacturer, with the best fabric, cuts & colour to deliver the Sunfox vision.  Now, nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than seeing the incredible local women (& mums) wearing Sunfox.  Doing what they do in comfortable, on trend and affordable activewear.

If you’re new to Sunfox, the fabric we use is buttery soft, has the all-important four way stretch (aka is squat proof) and is a moisture-wicking fabric that is a combination of Nylon & Lycra. Compared to Polyester,  Nylon is lighter, more breathable, softer to touch and offers great stretch, making the garments feel ‘barely there’ when on.


What’s next?

So far, the ladies on Brisbane’s Bayside have loved Sunfox and we are eternally grateful for the local support we’ve received from not only the people who’ve purchase the range, but the local businesses who’ve brough my vision to life 🙌.

We look forward to sharing more of our joyously colourful, ridiculously comfortable & functional activewear range with you.  And remember,

Look after you, let your inner ‘fox’ shine’ & yes, you CAN do it.